Inside The Mirror

Are you Kind to people?

February 01, 2022 Kyle David Episode 106
Inside The Mirror
Are you Kind to people?
Show Notes

What's up y'all! 

It's just me today and in this episode I talk about Being Kind to other people for just a few minutes a day...

We're all on this journey of life together and it can be filled with pain, trauma, hurt, disappointment etc.
We never truly know what others are going through but we do have opportunities ever day to make an impact on people's lives by just being kind to then.
When I say be kind, I don't mean be fake or be perky or bubbly if that's not your personality, I mean just get outside of yourself and focus on the people around you or those you have the ability to influence in life for just a few minutes.
You never know the impact you can make by just engaging with others for even just a few minutes.

My challenge for myself and for you in this episode is to take 2-3 minutes, 4 or 5 times a day, to engage with other humans and use those few minutes to think about how you can help them in some way, even if its just sending an encouraging text message or talking to the bagger at the grocery store, every person you're around is an opportunity to get outside of yourself and make an impact on another life.

If 7.8 billion people took 10-12 minutes a day to focus on being kind to others think of the difference that would make daily around the world...(I'm not good at math but that's a lot)

I hope this episode challenges you and encourages you to take action for just a small amount of time each day.

Thank you all for listening, it means so much to me, I'm super grateful to be able to communicate with you all each week, I pray this podcast impacts you in some way.

Love to you all, God bless.


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