Inside The Mirror

Ep 99 1/2 Hold your plans loosely

December 01, 2021 Kyle David Episode 99
Inside The Mirror
Ep 99 1/2 Hold your plans loosely
Show Notes

What's up y'all,  this weeks episode is interesting because it was unplanned,
so I'm  calling this a "half episode" because it's pretty short and sweet!

The reason for the half episode is that I jacked up the audio when recording episode 100 with my Father. 
He is out of town most of this week so I wanted to release this half episode to hold you over until we can rerecord episode 100 and release it next week.  
Thank you for bearing with me, I'm really excited for episode 100!

Until then, episode 99 and a half is about holding your plans loosely in life.
As you probably have figured out, life is unpredictable and always changing, plans can quickly get derailed or change, in those moments, what do you do?

I propose that you have a plan for problems BEFORE they happen.

Here's something that may be helpful, the 3 P's:

Problem, Process, Pivot.

1. Identify clearly what the exact Problem is
2. Process the problem with others who you trust
3. Pivot from that problem and take the action you decided on after processing

This is how I imperfectly try to approach problems in my life and hopefully it cab help you too if you don't already do this.

Like I said, this one was short and sweet but I hope something I said impacted you.

Episode 100 will be out NEXT WEEK!

Thank you all for listening,

God bless.


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