Inside The Mirror

A conversation with my friend Forrest Bischof

November 24, 2021 Episode 99
Inside The Mirror
A conversation with my friend Forrest Bischof
Show Notes

In this episode I sit down and have a genuine friend to friend conversation with my good friend Forrest Bischof.

Forrest and I met over a decade ago when we were both making music in my hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado! (shoutout) :)

Forrest and I ended up building teams and leading restaurants together at Taco Bell for several years after that before I cam to Dallas.
Forrest is a kind human, a loyal friend, a loving leader and all around around quality person to have in your life.

Forrest and I sat down and talked about everything from how to handle the deep pains of life to our views on the logic surrounding certain government measures as of late.
This was the same conversation Forrest and I would have had outside the podcast as well, 
I say that because I always want this show to be about authentic conversations.
I want you, the listener, to feel like you're sitting down with me as I talk to people I find interesting, helpful or just enjoyable to talk to.

Thank you all for listening, it means so much to me.

Hope you all have a positive and peaceful holiday,

God bless.


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