Inside The Mirror

Authenticity and Social Branding with Bobby Saumell

November 09, 2021 Kyle David Episode 97
Inside The Mirror
Authenticity and Social Branding with Bobby Saumell
Show Notes

In this weeks episode I talk to marketing and branding entrepreneur Bobby Saumell.

Bobby has been working in the social media/branding space for the last 4 years. When Bobby was younger he always knew he wanted to serve and impact people. For the last 5 years while working in branding Bobby has also worked as a teacher for grades ranging from 7th-12th. While working as a sales representative for Vhault32 he has had the opportunity to work with incredible individuals from all different niches to help them to share their story and build their brand. At the end of the day their mission is to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to feel more confident about their brand and message and by doing this see results from growing their audience on social media the right way.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Bobby, this episode was full of gems, not only about branding and marketing but also on life principles and mindset.

Thank you all for tuning in and supporting, I'm extremely grateful for very single of you!

See you next week,

Love to you all.


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