Inside The Mirror

Who are we trying to keep up with?

May 30, 2023 Kyle David Episode 147
Inside The Mirror
Who are we trying to keep up with?
Show Notes

Hey friends!

Quick question for you, 

Who is the person that you always compare yourself to?

Who do you look at on social media and wish you had their money, their looks, their career, their relationships, their following etc?

We all have specific people that we compare ourselves to and our lives to.

Most all of us realize this is unhealthy but we do it anyways.

 It makes us feel like we are behind and need to get the things this person has or be at the place that this person is at.

I get it. I compare myself constantly to people I look up to online.

But recently it has really bothered me that I do this for several reasons:
1. it doesn't make me feel good and 
2. I want a healthy comparison, not an unhealthy one.

What I've realized is the greatest comparison I can make is to myself, 
to previous versions of me.

Doing this has helped me see that I'm actually making a TON of progress in life and I'm headed towards what I want.

If you compare yourself to previous versions of you, you will quickly realize you are actually making more progress than you thought!

We should be the only person we are trying to keep up with.

Keep growing and being better than you were yesterday and you will always win.

Hope something here was helpful, if so, please share it with someone who it could help.

Thanks so much for listening.

Talk soon, God bless!


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