Inside The Mirror

You'll never have it all figured out

May 23, 2023 Kyle David Episode 146
Inside The Mirror
You'll never have it all figured out
Show Notes

Hey friends!

This episode was inspired by a thought that's been swirling around my head a lot the past week or so.

The thought is this, we will never have things all figured out in life.

We are all chasing a point in life where  everything is "perfect" and we've got everything "figured out," the right job, relationships, amount of money, health, etc.

Ideally we would all reach a point in life where we've "figured it all out" and everything is as it should be, that day is unfortunately, never coming...

Life is a constant series of ups and downs, struggles and wins and everything in between.

So as we all seek some perfect version of life where things will "finally be good," I'd encourage you to accept the reality of that day never coming and instead focus your attention on learning how to be content each day while still striving to build a life you can be proud of as you continually level up.

A comfortable and problem free life is unattainable but a life that you fight for and are proud of is.

Hope something here was helpful or encouraging, if it was please share it with someone you think it could help.

Thanks so much for listening, means the world to me!

Talk soon, God bless


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