Inside The Mirror

We're under attack

May 16, 2023 Kyle David Episode 145
Inside The Mirror
We're under attack
Show Notes

Hey friends,

Thanks for stopping by!

In this weeks episode I wanted to talk about something I feel strongly about.

If you saw the title, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK.

From the foods we eat, to the medicines we're prescribed , to the money system we're a part of and more, we are being fed information and products that are not only not good for us, but actually harmful to our lives and our wellbeing.

I want to bring more light to these topics bc as I've done lots of research and unlearning the past few years I realize how much people just don't know what they don't know, especially when it comes to food and physical health.

Most of us want to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives but there are people in power who are purposely giving us recommendations with out money, food health etc that is directly harming us.

We have to unlearn, relearn and share knowledge that will help us lives healthy and happy lives.

I know some of these things can be concerning or shocking but it would be a disservice to not speak out about things that affect us all.

Love you all and want us all to have the knowledge and information to live the healthiest lives possible.

Hope something here made you live or question something, if you know someone that could benefit from this feel free to share it.

Thanks so much for listening, more to come!

God bless.


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