Inside The Mirror

Watch and learn from others

May 10, 2023 Kyle David Episode 144
Inside The Mirror
Watch and learn from others
Show Notes

Hey friends!

This one is short and sweet. 

Wanted to just share my thoughts real quickly on our ability to learn things in life just by watching and garnering learnings from the people around us.

Most of us have people in our lives who have lived a decent amount of life and have made mistakes, had success and have experiences that we can learn from without having to go out and make those same mistakes or have those same experiences ourselves.

There are knowledge, learnings and experiences all around us if we are willing to watch, listen and learn.

I know I've personally learned so much from the people around me, their failures, successes and lessons and I see it as almost a cheat code to life where I can speed up my learnings and knowledge by simply watching and listening to others.

Hope something here was helpful for you, if you think it could be helpful to someone else, feel free to share it.

Thanks so much for listening and supporting, means a ton to me!

Talk soon, God bless!


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