Inside The Mirror

Are you being what others need??

May 02, 2023 Kyle David Episode 143
Inside The Mirror
Are you being what others need??
Show Notes

Hey friends!

Back this week with a question and thought I've been thinking about a lot the past week, and it's this:

 "Am I being what others need me to be?"

I don't know about you, but I've realized that each person or group of people in my life needs something different from me at different times.

Currently a group of people in my life need me to be steady, calm, and in control.
Another individual in my life needs me to be a good listener, ask good questions and offer my advice, another needs me to just be energetic and positive, and the list goes on and on right.

People need different things from us at different times, and we can help love and serve them well by being aware of or asking what those things are that they need, so that we know how to best show up for the people that we care about.

We all have so much to offer, and when we know how to best show up for others we are able to love and support them in the way that best serves them at the time.

This is something I'm actively working on as I don't always do this well and often show up in the way I think they need me and it's not always what others need. (Learn from my mistakes)

Hope something I shared here was helpful for you or someone you know. 

Thanks so much for listening, means the world to me!

Talk soon, God bless


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