Inside The Mirror

Hold things loosely

March 14, 2023 Kyle David Episode 138
Inside The Mirror
Hold things loosely
Show Notes

Hey friends!

Back this week with something I've been thinking about a lot recently,
holding things loosely...

What do I mean?

We all tend to want to control our lives pretty rigidly and that leads to us holding things very tightly in life. When things go away or don't go the way we planned we are often disappointed because we were so sure of something and by doing this, we create our own disappointments.

I'm not saying we shouldn't be committed to things but the more we realize we have very little control over most things in life and that most things are always changing, we can train ourselves to hold situation, outcomes, relationships etc, looser, knowing those things are probably going to change or often not work out as we expected.

The looser we hold things in life the more we open ourselves up to growth, lessons and ultimately good things that we didn't plan for.

Hope this episode is helpful to you.

Thanks so much for listening and supporting, means a ton to me!

Talk soon, God bless


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