Inside The Mirror

Catch a Vision for your life

July 27, 2022 Kyle David Episode 123
Inside The Mirror
Catch a Vision for your life
Show Notes

Howdy friends! 

I was in a meeting this week and there was a conversation that came up around motivation and how to stay motivated when you're in different seasons of life.

I personally don't think motivation is what most people are truly seeking, they are seeking vision. 
Motivation is simply a feeling, aka "feeling motivated."
 Feelings come and go.
If you want motivation, it's everywhere. 
You can turn on a Spotify playlist and feel motivated, you can watch an inspiring Youtube video and feel motivated, the problem is, that feeling doesn't last.

Vision is not a feeling, but rather a future plan.
When the feeling of motivation is not there the vision always is, it is your north star.
When you have a vision for your life and where you are headed, it can sustain you in times where things gets hard, you are tired, lacking motivation etc.
Vision is what sustains.

In this episode I shared some of my perspective on vision and why I believe it's so important.

Hope something here is helpful, thank you all so much for listening to me, I'm truly humbled.

Love to you all, God bless.


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