Inside The Mirror

How to stop feeling misunderstood

June 15, 2022 Kyle David Episode 119
Inside The Mirror
How to stop feeling misunderstood
Show Notes

What's up y'all!

Welcome back to Inside  The Mirror, thanks for tuning in, LETS GET IT! 

In this weeks episode I talked through how we all desire to feel understood and what to do when you feel like others don't understand you.

Most of us have achieved things in life or been through situations, good or bad, that we would like people to know and understand, and the only way for that to happen is to tell them.

The burden to help others understand you is not on them, it's on you.
In my experience one of the most effective ways to become understood by others is to simply ask them if you can share with them some things you would like them to know, HELP THEM understand you.

Hope something I shared here is helpful.

Thanks so much for listening, Love to you all.

God bless


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