Inside The Mirror

Ep 118 Identity and Purpose w/ Ryan Hoogerwerf

June 08, 2022 Kyle David Episode 118
Inside The Mirror
Ep 118 Identity and Purpose w/ Ryan Hoogerwerf
Show Notes

What's up friends! 

Super excited to share this one with ya! 

In this episode I had the pleasure of sitting down and having an awesome conversation with my good friend, Ryan Hoogerwerf.
Ryan is a husband, father, friend, and former Division 1 college athlete from the greatest country in the country, TEXAS! 

We talked about Ryan's journey growing up as a high performing athlete and how our identity can so easily get tangled up in what we do, instead of who we are.

Ryan and I discussed everything from identity and purpose,  
to his days playing sports with Kyler Murray,
 to his dream of one day running a cattle farm, and so much more! 

Ryan is one of the most motivated and inspiring people I know, and if you know him, you know you rarely leave a conversation with Ryan without feeling encouraged and motivated.

It's a blessing to get to have real conversations with people like Ryan, I hope this conversation encourages you like it did me.

Thank you all so much for listening, I'm truly humbled.

Until next time, God bless


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