Inside The Mirror

Winning internally before winning externally

March 30, 2022 Episode 112
Inside The Mirror
Winning internally before winning externally
Show Notes

What's up friends!

In today's episode I sat down to talk about something I think we need to talk about more in this generation, the idea that winning at things in life happens internally before you see results externally .

Whether it's in your fitness, business, career, relationships etc.
You have to win internally with your daily habits, choices, practices, mindset etc, before you will see the fruit of those choices externally.

Tom Brady is a great example of this, he had to win internally in the way he thought about himself, the way he practiced, his diet, his workout regimen and commitments to himself, before he could ever see the external results.
He had to become a champion internally before he could actually win a championship externally.

Winning is something that happens internally before you see it externally.

This is something that I'm personally working on in several areas of my own life, so I'm very passionate about it and wanted to share my thoughts. 

I hope something I said here was helpful in some way and encouraged you to either start doing something or stop beating yourself up and keep doing what you're doing, realizing that the things you are doing now to win internally will eventually pay off externally if you don't give up.

Love to you all,

God bless.


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