Inside The Mirror

Overcoming struggles and compounding wins w/ Jeremy Bohnett

March 23, 2022 Kyle David Episode 111
Inside The Mirror
Overcoming struggles and compounding wins w/ Jeremy Bohnett
Show Notes

What's up friends!

In this episode I had the privilege of talking with my friend and the VP of sales at Leadr, Jeremy Bohnett.

Jeremy has an inspiring story that includes 3 trips to rehab, hiking across New Zealand and the appalachian trail, as well as working in sales at a software startup, and now being the VP of sales at a hypergrowth tech startup.

Jeremy shared about his past struggles with shame and addiction and the passion he found from getting clean and hiking the appalachian trail.
We also talked about what sales has taught him about life and mindset and the paradigm shift that he's experienced in his career over the past decade as he accomplishes more than he thought possible.

One of my favorite things Jeremy talked about was how small wins compound over time and help you build momentum in life and business.
Those small wins build confidence and lead you to believing you can accomplish more than you had previously thought.

Lastly, we talked about how our paths crossed, my journey to Leadr and Jeremy's first impression of me...

This was an excellent conversation and I hope you are truly encouraged by something that was said.

Thank you all so much for being on this journey with me and listening and supporting the podcast, it means the world to me.

Love to you all,

God bless.


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