Inside The Mirror

Business and determination with Zack Milewski

March 02, 2022 Episode 109
Inside The Mirror
Business and determination with Zack Milewski
Show Notes

What's up y'all!

In this episode I sat down with my friend Zack Milewski to hear a little bit of his journey in business.
Zack is the Founder and CEO of National Pavement Partners and SpotOnSite, a software that serves contractors and property mangers.

Zack shared his journey from bankruptcy and a failed business to now owning and operating a successful company that generates millions a year in revenue.

Zack talked about the importance of being hungry to learn, seeking out mentors and putting one foot in front of the other each day and not allowing the pressures and worries of life stop you from going after what you want.

I really enjoyed this conversation and I hope you get inspired like I did from hearing Zack's story of success and overcoming obstacles.

Thank you all for listening, I'm extremely grateful for each one of you!

Love to you all,

God bless.


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