Inside The Mirror

Slow down, REST!

February 23, 2022 Kyle David Episode 108
Inside The Mirror
Slow down, REST!
Show Notes

What's up friends!

Hope all of you are doing well.

I know last week there was no podcast, I had a stomach virus and really needed to rest, which leads me right to what I wanted to talk about in this episode, which is Rest.
Most of my life I have lived at a very urgent and fast pace and rest has been something that I've avoided and not prioritized in my life up to this point.

I felt like last week was gone giving me a gentle reminder again, that I need to slow down and prioritize resting.

When I say rest, I don't necessarily mean sitting in a chair doing nothing or just sleeping more, I mean identifying, people, places or activities that make you feel refreshed, refueled, rejuvenated etc, and make doing those things or being around those people a frequent priority.

We live in a world and a society that is full of distractions and just moves at an extremely fast pace.
In order to be able to run fast and long in this marathon of life, you need to find things along the way that help you stop and refuel yourself so you can be energized and keep going.

So when I say rest I'm just saying find things that give you energy and make you happy and do those things.

As I continue to seek to be a better person each day, I realize that the next area I need to level up my life in is in the area of rest, If you're anything like me I hope this episode helped you in some way.

Thank you to ever single one of you who listens and supports, it truly means so much to me, thank you.

Love to you all,

God bless.


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